A naff name and a naffer logo (it’s a wacky treble clef) could easily make you walk right past Stradivarius and I’ll absolutely confess I never took a blind bit of notice of it in one of its two Irish locations in Dublin’s Jervis centre (find it also at Newbridge Whitewater), until I read about 45 things online about the brand this week. “Stradivarius is Zara’s Trendier and Cheaper Sister Store,” screamed a Stylecaster headline, while Glamour was falling over itself with the news that it’s heading to the UK.

Whaddya know? WE’VE already got it, and it’s a bit of a treasure trove for F21/Bershka with a Zara-esque twist accessories. No, you’re not gonna get leather and hot-off-the-catwalk high-fash detailing but there are enough things here to quicken my pulse, plus I spotted more than a couple of nods to the stylings of Sophie Hulme and Alexander McQueen.

Have a look online (they ship to Ireland for those not in Dublin) to see the whole kit and kaboodle; I’ve picked out 20 pieces that really stand out and which are also handily pretty bargain-tastic. Joy!

The fruit of the summer; this pineapple belt is €7.95.

Black, tan and a bow, this is one cute mini-messenger. There's a mirror on the inner flap, too. €29.95.

€15.95 for this? Hey. Ok!

A bit pricier, but these cream perforated summer-approp boots are suede, which helps offset the €69.95 price.

A pair of pastel flower earcuffs will set you back €6.95.

Nine - yes, I said nine - pairs of leaf-themed earrings are yours for a mere €7.95.

Festival-bound? Make these shades yours for €12.95.

Fun, fruity and floral. Nope, not perfume, this necklace is €15.95.

Butterfly iPhone case, €7.95. No one tell Mariah Carey.

A bit McQueen? Oh I think so, but on lemonade money; this 'uns €29.95.

Fun and functional, these multi-coloured sunnies are €12.95.

Two pendants for just €9.95? Hey, alright.

Pineapple shopper, €9.95.

These are gorgeous no? Silver cutout, slingback ballerinas, €29.95.

Sports messenger bag, €29.95.

Love a summer scarf? You're in luck: €15.95 for this, so.

Visor, €9.95.

Er, hello Sophie Hulme? This one's not leather but still comes in at €49.95.

Bubbles and beads: Yellow enamel necklace, €15.95.

Love stacking rings? Then you'll LOVE this set, wha? €7.95 the lot.