My biggest bugbear is spraying and finding that it’s Gone in 60 Seconds

What’s the one thing that’s really irritating about perfume? Nope, it’s not price, or buying something you think you’ll love based on the blurb and discovering you actually hate it (help’s at hand on that issue below), but for me it’s spraying and finding that it’s Gone in 60 Seconds

Common with citrus scents – they tend to evaporate quickly – which’re my faves along with white florals and some lighter woods, it’s a real bugbear.

So what can you do? Suck it up – or have a gander at L’Occitane’s new Fragrance Beautifying Cream, €30.50. Applying perfume over a body moisturiser will make it last longer as the scent molecules have something emollient to stick to, which they like better for longevity than dry skin. Makes sense, huh?

This, created to enhance the brand’s La Collection de Grasse perfumes, can also be used for any other product too. It’s lightly fragranced with what L’Occitane says are neutral floral notes to enhance what you apply on top. Ok, so I’m guessing it won’t play well with every single perfume ever but a) it’s not designed to and b) most regular body creams are scented all on their own, anyway.

L’Occitane doesn’t appeal? Chanel, darlings. Its Les Exclusifs Fresh Body Cream is essentially the same thing.


Liam Moore, fragrance expertOk, that’s sorted. Now how do you go about getting your perfume choice down pat in the first instance? I asked Liam Moore, of Jasmine award-winning fragrance magazine Oudo, for his expert take on how to whittle down the process so that you can succeed at scent.

  1. Wear what you want first and foremost.
  2. Ignore what people/marketing tell you you should wear.
  3. EXPLORE. Branch out a bit and try on something different.
  4. Don’t get hung up on labels, brands, celebrity endorsements. Yawn! Make the perfume your own, wear it because you love it.
  5. It’s a luxury item, not household cleaner.

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