The World Cup kicks off in less than a month’s time, Frillseekers, so that’s hardly any time to get your Brazil-themed accessories sorted; should you be that way inclined.

Even though we’re not even in the competition, you can bet your sweet ass the country will be overtaken by footballing fever because a) any excuse, and b) any excuse. 

Leighton Denny’s ahead of the curve with a Riotastic design created by mani maven Sophy Robson. It’s as easy as slipping on a pair of Havianas as well, so even if you don’t want to do it, like, right this second, drop a bookmark and come back 10 minutes before kick-off. But will ya? Let me know below.

Begin by painting two thin coats of Glamzone on all nails, except your middle finger. Paint this with a thin coat of Passport to shine.

Using a precision corrector brush, paint a diamond shape on your one yellow nail using the green Glamazone shade.

Next, again using your precision corrector brush, paint on a black outline around the diamond shape with Maneater polish.

Create a circle of dark blue using Inkjet nail polish in the middle of the diamond. At this point, if there are mistakes, then just perfect your circle and so any tidy-ups any mistakes with Precision Corrector fluid and a brush.

To complete the Brazil flag, take a lighter blue nail polish, like Reach For The Sky, and delicately paint a curved, thin line across the centre of your circle, using your brush.

That's it - add a clear topcoat for shine and protection and you're done.