Debenhams is not, hand on heart, a shop I frequent all that often. I cut in the side of the Henry St branch fairly frequently for Zara trippage, but in general I wouldn’t call myself a regular in its halls.

I’ll confess to getting quite excited when I saw some of the #frills en route for Autumn, though. I’ve picked out seven that’ll be making their way in store in the next few months and singled them for special attention, letting you know what they are and why I think they’re worth looking at.

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Berlin shoe, €71.

WHAT: H! by Henry Holland teddy bowler hat, €30
​WHY ITS WORTH IT: Updating the classic bowler shape with ears (ears!), is a canny move. Nice work, Henry.

WHAT: No. 1 Jenny Packham box bag, €75
​WHY ITS WORTH IT: Perennial bridal fave Jenny Packham has a diffusion range at Debenhams and this box clutch absolutely belies its price. Reminiscent of cult bag brands like Edie Parker, but using classic colours, you could buy this now and be using it for years to come. 

WHAT: No 1. Jenny Packham neckpiece, €60.50
​WHY THEY'RE WORTH IT: Again, sixty quid for this is a steal. It would make an outfit.

WHAT: Mood by John Richmond earrings, €33
​WHY THEY'RE WORTH IT: Mark my words, statement necklaces are in decline and earrings are on the rise. This is a great pair of well-priced, bedazzled drops.

Berlin shoe, €71.

Berlin shoe, €71.