Beyonce bought out the entire Bee collection (what else?) from Swedish jewellery company Maria Nilsdottir and Noomi Rapace and Madonna are fans too.

It’s easy to see why they like the brand: it’s got edge but it’s accessible both in a lot of its price point and design tropes – things like twisted wire, twig-effects, animal references and big, glassy-looking stones are all common themes across multiple brands at the moment. 

Plus, it’s always nice to have a little something-something no one else does, eh? Here’s a look at some of what Maria Nilsdottir has to offer. Baggsie the Hellyeah ring, mmm’kay?


Maria Nilsdottir jewellery

  1. Bone earrings, €171
  2. Jawstone ring, €523
  3. Bee necklace, €276
  4. Bow ring, €109
  5. Hellyeah ring, €149
  6. Wing hoop earrings, €88
  7. Bone bracelet, €204

So, you like?