Oh Rosie Huntington-Whitely, you double-barreled fembot, you. So perfect she’s got to be either constructed from plastic or she’s some form of super-sexy alien life form, sent to Natasha-Henstridge-in-Species stylee. Because she can’t be human, can she? 

Although to be human is to err, and she does go out with Jason Statham, so I guess, case closed, and she is mortal after all.

I loved her head-to-toe Balmain look at the recent Met Gala: upper class bionic babe-meets-expensive chav. It worked; she werked it – but her ears must have been murder after the weight of those hoops, so if you’d like to ape Rosie’s awesomeness, then go smaller or go home. Here are three (way cheaper options) to buy.

3 pairs of cheap gold bamboo hoops


These are actually quite classy, eh? Limited edition Bamboo hoops are €15 at Oasis. 


More Rosie’s style, which means they’re definitely edging into Lily Allen territory, these Double Layer Creole earrings are €14 on Asos.


And the must budgety price of all: hook these hoops at Claires for €3. I’d be inclined to remove the chains though, eh?

So, would you, or is this all juuuusssst a little too ghetto?