Buying sunglasses is great, fo sho, but only until you start trying on pairs that make you look like a moon face. Then it’s not quite so much fun. And just like clothes, not every trend will suit you or flatter the planes of your face, and there’s a reason for that.

We’ve all got different face shapes, so some of us have oval faces, some of us tend towards roundness and some have square or heart-shaped phizogs. Because of that, it means different frame styles will look best. But how do you work it out? By clicking into the gallery, where all is revealed, that’s how. Enjoy!

If you've got a heart-shaped face like Modern Family's Sarah Hyland, then you'll typically have a broad forehead and a narrow chin, so how do you choose sunglasses to frame your face the best? Look for shades that are wider than your forehead to balance out your face and avoid anything very circular. Try Dita Eyewear's Eclipse sunglasses, €350 on Farfetch ; Dolce & Gabbana's Gold-plated D-frame mirrored sunglasses, €639.60 on Net a Porter or H&M's cute cat eyes for a mere €9.99.

If this is you, then bingo: you're in luck because your face is the same width all the way down, like Liv Tyler. That means pretty much no frame shape is out of bounds, so you can wear a multitude. Try round plastic ones from New Look, €6.99; a pair of Miu Miu dazzlers, €260, or these Tom Ford Islay sunglasses for €213 from

Round faces like Kelly Osbourne's are tricky to buy for because you'll already be dealing with a lot of curves on your face as it is - so the main rule of thumb here is to avoid super-circular or curvy glasses. Instead, smaller square and rectangular frames can help to add some definition. House of Holland's Librarian square-frame acetate sunglasses are down to €79.64 on The Outnet; Ralph Lauren Stirrup Leather Rectangle Sunglasses, €141, at Brown Thomas or these pink Zara frames, on sale now for €9.99.


Square faced like Olivia Wilde? You'll know it because your jaw will be strong and a similar width to your forehead so what you'll need are shades that have non-fussy frames to balance out your jawline. Avoid very heavy frames and graded lenses can also add balance. Brown Sugar Glamazon shades, $99, Bonlook; Dark grey cat eye retro sunglasses, €17, River Island and Cat eye sunglasses, €18, & Other Stories, are all ideal.