There are certain things that are always, always guaranteed to make me feel better when I’m having one of those doesn’t-the-world-suck, why-me days. You know, the days (#FWP alert) when nothing goes right, when you miss the bus and it lashes rain all over your new ‘do and you get your heel caught in a manhole. One of those days.

Sadly, my feel-better fixes don’t always make me look better. But, in case you cared: buying the latest copy of Elle and reading it over coffee and white chocolate ‘n’ raspberry friands in Brother Hubbard; actually getting off my ass and doing Erin Motz’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge; buying jewellery for myself (most recent: Chupi’s You & Me ring.)

That being said, I do have a few ideas about what does make you look at least 300% better on those days when you feel like no improvements are possible. (If you see me on one of those rainy Mondays, heel caught in a drain and bus speeding by, do not stop to ask me where my sunglasses are – unless you’re wishing for a swift death.)

Click through to find ’em out.


This is fashion blogger 101 - everyone (and I mean everyone) looks better in a pair of sunglasses. Seriously, there are fashion bloggers out there that I thought were supermodels until they took their sunnies off, and I realised that, hang on, these are ordinary girls who just look like Olsens when they’ve got these big-ass frames on. Buy yourself a pair of OTT coloured lenses for a little somethin’ somethin’ that will make you feel smiley, as well as look deadly.

Bright lipstick

I met a friend for dinner the other night - okay, by dinner I mean Nando’s and yes, I did use my loyalty card and yes, I am only delighted that I'm two chillis closer to getting a free whole chicken - and she was wearing the most expertly applied red lipstick. I, in my jeans, Converse and Breton striped top (my go-to down-time ensemble) felt like a scruffy little teenager next to her super-glamorous visage. Of course, it helps that she’s fairly gorgeous and was wearing snakeskin heels - but don’t underestimate the power of a punchy lip. My fave is Nars’s Semi-Matte Lipstick in Funny Face. I have never not received a compliment while wearing it. Never.

A really great dress

Dresses are the easiest sartorial solution to all of your outfitting problems. Seriously, on days when you can’t put two and two together, why would you play fast and loose with the fashion wheel and attempt to algebra your way out of your wardrobe problems? Everyone needs a seriously great dress to throw on - either with or without tights, with or without heels, with or without makeup (but always with a bright lip). Can you imagine not looking good in this super-cute floral dress (from - drumroll please - SimplyBe)?

A super happy scarf

I met another friend last week (for, um, salad), and I was wearing this cheap orange scarf I’d bought for a fiver on the street in Paris - and by the reaction from her, you’d swear I’d turned up in the world’s most beautiful dress, with the best sunglasses and the brightest lip .. you get the picture. Us Irish girls aren’t great at wearing colour, all too often settling for black, navy and monochrome, but a bright coloured scarf - which automatically sits close to the face - can really enliven an otherwise dull complexion (or outlook).