Ok, I LOVE a good schnoop around a handbag/makeup bag/bathroom cabinet so thought it was high time I showed you what I’m lugging about with me in one of my smaller pieces.

I’ve done a bag dump on my now-retired Pauric Sweeney before, but this Joanne Hynes Cailin Mor bag is newer. I got it before Christmas in a sample sale for about €240, as opposed to its retail price of €460. 

I never pay full price for bags if I can help it – there’s a post on the site on how to save on designer handbags – and sample sales are one amazing way to get something you want, but really couldn’t have afforded. Likewise, I got a Marni Trunk bag in the Brown Thomas sale last weekend for €295, down from €1,115, because it was slightly damaged. The issue wasn’t visible and I swiftly fixed it with my glue gun, so I am the happiest bunny alive.

But back to what I’m lugging, eh?

what's in my bag

Ok, so what I like about this bag is its shape and size. It fits well into this summer’s trend for the cross-body but it’s big enough to actually fit things in. So I’ve got:

  • My Smythson glasses case. This is neat and small yet protective and I always swap my shades out of their massive brand boxes into it.
  • Miu Miu cat eye shades (I love these and they’ve hardly been off my face since I got them in March)
  • Some M&S lemon gum. No idea what it’s like yet as I’ve not cracked the pack.
  • A Zomig migraine tablet cos I’m a sufferer and have to have one in every bag just in case.
  • My ancient and still going strong Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, bought in Paris on a press trip many, many moons ago.
  • A Bobbi Brown nail file – which is deadly.
  • The forthcoming re-working of the Clarins brow kit. Lookitit!
  • The insert from a BT voucher – a clue as to how I afforded the Marni. I had a big birthday in March and held onto the vouchers I got as pressies, cos I knew I’d get something awesome.

And that, peeps, is pretty much all I’m lugging right now. Not even a reciept or manky tissue. #honest.