Oh, ok: clickbait-y headline aside, what you’ll immediately notice about this is the spelling of the word junky – bit Burroughsian, isn’t it? Yup: Jardins d’Écrivains’ latest scent is less about a bit of brown and more about Beat poet, activist painter and novelist William S. Burroughs, who famously wrote the book prompting the perfume.

And while, okay, it is brown(ish), it doesn’t sound like it’ll smell like burnt tinfoil with base notes of strychnine. Mmm.

Nope, Junky (€85 from www.jardinsdecrivains.com) sounds really rather delish: there are top notes of hemp (hell, of course) plus rosewood and galbanum (a gum resin) with florals in the middle like iris, violet and gardenia. The base is woody, and all-in-all, in pixels at least, sounds like something I’d really quite like to get a sniff of.

I might even find it addictive (sorry). You?