She might have the best arse out of the Middleton sisters, but Pippa’s firmly in the ha’penny place when it comes to her fashion choices. Course, it helps that Kate has Prince Charles shelling out for her wardrobe, but even so Pips, you’re a total ride, why are you hiding yourself away behind these humunguous, fugly handbags?

At its heart I suspect Pippa just doesn’t really know how to accessorise. She’s probably used to, and therefore comfortable with, big, clunky totes, so she carries them with, oh, everything, even if they don’t work.

Going through scads of pictures of her from pap shots to press pics, Pippa has two styles of bag: a small box clutch she can hold in one hand, or the bag-as-armour, which she chooses in sensible colours and which must be causing her some form of muscle strain. 

Check the gallery for the evidence, as well as some Sherlock Holmes-style sleuthing as to how this turn of events just might have occurred in the first place…

A cute crossbody would have been much more suitable for this outfit, no?

Go bright or go home. Too staid; you're 30!

What even. Is this?

AHA! The plot thickens... we might be seeing where she got it from.

Matchy matchy grabby grabby. Think of the cute bag she could have gone for... and she chooses this. 


Two big fugly bags! Oh Pippa, what are you doing to us?

Oh man. A drawstring pastel hobo-style... thing.

It's not the worst... but it's also not the best. And totally wrong with leather leggings. 

Twotone terror.

I'd be frowning if I had that handbag too.