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As the autumn/winter collections begin to filter in (can you believe it’s that time already?), the biggest message we get is that black is back – it’s hardly news, given that, as summer ends, black is always back, but if you’re like me, it’s more than welcome. 

Despite what fashion magazines and street style blogs would have you believe, not everyone removes black from their fashion lexicon the minute June hits. On the contrary, I can be found wearing head to toe black pretty much all year ’round – on hot summer days when I can’t decide what to wear, throwing on a loose black top with black skinnies and sandals is my easy go-to. 

Luckily for all of us, black never really goes out of fashion, and at any given moment, there are thousands of options. Here are a few of my current and upcoming faves.

H&M  weekend bag

H&M’s weekend bag (A/W)

This baby is from H&M’s upcoming autumn/winter selection, due to drop in store at the end of August / start of September, and is from the men’s collection. Finding a good weekend bag is like finding the Holy Grail: rare and, more often than not, near impossible. This is big enough to actually fit enough clothes for a weekend, and looks seriously slick. Plus, black = timeless. Seriously. Price TBC.

black asos jeans

ASOS’s Ridley jeans with busted knees

I bought these a few weeks back after a recommendation from Coco’s Tea Party and they are my favourite purchase so far this year. My one caveat? Make sure to order the correct length for your height; I went for a 34 leg, based on liking my jeans a little longer, but it means the knee rips are a little low. Annoying. What’s not annoying is how they literally go with everything and look pretty cool, to boot. €45.07

sophie hulme leather tyranosaurus keyring

Sophie Hulme’s black leather tyrannosaurus keyring

Okay, so this keyring may not be a huge part of your outfit-choosing strategy, but sometimes things are so cool that they’re impossible to overlook. I am <3ing this sleek tyrannosaurus keyring (almost as much as I’m loving the news that Jurassic Park 4 is out next year), and it’d be great date garb. Fact. €79.96

river island black mules

River Island’s faux croc mules (A/W)

Spotted in the brand’s showrooms a week or so ago (view more of the new season here), these understated black mules would make a great wardrobe staple – if your foot muscles are well trained enough to keep them on, that is (am I the only one who has this concern?). Black shoes are never a purchasing mistake (unless you already own five pairs) and will pay you back in countless wearing opportunities. Price TBC

Moschino aw14 at brown thomas

Moschino’s bag-cum-bralet (A/W)

No, you do not need to adjust your set – this was a look sent down the catwalk at Brown Thomas’s A/W spectacular earlier this week (just when you thought it was safe to can the sit-ups for the chillier, more covered-up months). You may not be rushing to the shops to buy one for your Friday-night escapades, but c’mon, this is hilarious and kind of a genius stroke by the Italian fashion house – it elicited a gasp from the waiting press and was the most-snapped piece of the day! Price TBC (if you have to ask…)