So far the summer has been up and down, flitting between rain, gorgeous blazing sunshine and (my least favourite…) humidity that’d floor a rhino. No one wants to look like they applied makeup made from melted butter but sadly it can (and does) happen – so what can we do to avoid looking, and feeling like Sweaty Betty? 

alexander james shoot

  • Change up your routine:
    The classic primer/foundation/concealer/powder routine that works during colder months becomes too heavy to wear during warmer times, so switch out foundation for an oil-free BB Cream or tinted moisturizer instead.
  • Concealer is our friend:
    The key to wearing a lightweight base is to invest in a long wearing, high pigment concealer. Use a brush to buff it over any areas that require more coverage. 
  • Swap powder for cream:
    Cream textures for eyes and cheeks allow skin to breathe and won’t get streaky in hot weather. 
  • Go Waterproof:
    Even if you aren’t actually in water, waterproof mascara and eyeliners will allow you to still give definition in your makeup without it slipping all over the place.
  • Makeup Fixer:
    Cooling and useful, makeup fixative sprays are a bit like a hair spray except they’re for the face (and come without the added whack of chemicals too). 

alexander james shoot

One of the hottest climates I’ve worked in by far was a beautiful couture shoot in Marrakech last year. We shot over three days so I had plenty of time to test out some heat proof products; here are my favourites:

hot weather makeup products

  1. Mac Pro Long Wear concealer
  2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Shadow Creme 
  3. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser
  4. Shiseido Automatic Fine eyeliner 
  5. Diego Dalla Palma Makeup Fixer

Shoot credits:
Photographer Alexander James
Styling Pearl & Godiva
Makeup and hair: Sarah Lanagan