Rouge Louboutin

The news of the online launch of the first shade in the new nail colour line from Christian Louboutin Beaute yesterday set the #bblogger community into a frenzy.

Today? Oh today we’ve got the Irish deets, peeps.

Christian Louboutin nail colour


Rouge Louboutin, the first colour from the 31-strong lacquer line, will arrive at Brown Thomas’ Christian Louboutin shoe boutique on August 7th. It’ll be a rather gulp-tastic €45, and will be followed on September 1st by 30 more colours, grouped across pops, nudes and noirs. 

Christian Louboutin nail colour - noirs


There’s quite a lot to talk about with this new launch; number one is the shoque and horreur that we’re actually, y’know, getting it in the first place, and number two, it won’t be on the beauty floor. Nope, you’ll have to take the escalator to the shoe floor for this stuff.

Christian Louboutin nail colour  - nudes


I also like how the press materials stress that this ain’t no mere polish; oh no. This is nail colour, y’all. And indeed, there’s a bit of a back-story about nails for this brand in the first place: its founder famously used a bottle of red to differentiate the soles of his shoes way back in the early days – and history was made.

Christian Louboutin nail colour - mood board

The bottles themselves are cast glass, modelled on balustrades from railings and the cap is of course all about the spike heel. I mean; it’s all very very gorgeous, isn’t it?

Rouge Louboutin stands out again as it has a taller spike, designed to be the same height as the Ballerina Ultima shoe.

So – that’s your lot; you like?