Issuing an APPB* about this, Frillseekers: Bleach London – a salon that is so good at doing so many things, not least of all channeling underground trends like seapunk and bringing them to the masses – has just landed us with the most massive of all cosmetic clangers.

Hair tapestries.

Or, you know, hair wraps by any other name.

This 90s stuff is graaaaaand, and everything but lookit. NO ONE wore hairwraps – and I sincerely mean this – NO ONE – unless they were a small child or a Spanish language student here on their holidays. Especially no one who wanted to be cool and not laughed ourrait for being such a sap as to have some embroidery thread from Hickeys woven into their hair. 

Therefore, I highly recommend, in order to be the most authentic 90s facsimile you can be (and by god there’s a lot of it about) that you probably pass on this whole, ahem, hair ‘tapestry’ thing too.


*All points beauty bulletin