Have you ever seen Cate Blanchett’s ass? Have you ever seen her ‘bikini body’? Have you ever seen her kids or the consequences of her messy decisions played out online or in the tabloids? No, because Cate is a classy broad, and because she’s smart and talented, she knows she doesn’t have to make a media circus out of her life in order to be successful in her field. 

Those traits, and her innate ability to wear an incredibly batshit designer dress with great aplomb, are really what make her so bloody fab. I’ve a full-on girl-crush for her, and love how she’s always so willing to wear… whatever. We regularly see her in Giorgio Armani, Alexander McQueen and Givenchy, and she’s said before of her red carpet choices that, “My taste is quite eclectic. In the end I think you just go, ‘That’s the one.”

Wanna see 24 ‘ones’? Here you go.