Hands up if you’ve ever bought an accessory in Aldo?

Me: never actually, but that might change with what’s incoming to the shop from this month and into the the next couple as AW14 really starts to bite.

Big chunky neckpieces that’re sure to grab your attention if you’re never getting over ’em, statement rings and cuffs abound and I’ve picked out 10 that are worth a look. As of yet, I’ve only got euro price approximations, so do expect some wiggle room in store.

Briralia necklace, about €35, instore now.

Briralia necklace, about €35, instore now.

Consandolo ring, about €12, available August.

Kaadosa necklace, about €20, available in August.

Keandra cuff, about €12, available now.

Monceaux ring, about €12, available now.

Osler necklace, about €30, available August.

Proacien necklace, about €15, available now.

Uleang necklace, about €30, available now.