When Angelina Jolie stuck her lilywhite leg out of her sexy black dress at the 2012 Oscars, no one could quite have predicted how wild the world would go. The memes; the internet comment; the copycatting.

She wasn’t the first to do it by a long chalk; revealing dramatic amounts of flesh in dresses is a tactic as old as Liz Hurley herself, but since Angelina gave us such an instructive lesson in the power of a little leg action, there’s barely been a closed skirt in Tinseltown. 

Is a perfectly preened gam your most gorgeous accessory in a formal gown? Well, these 10 ladies certainly seem to think so … Leg it into the gallery to see what you reckon.

The leg that launched a thousand internet memes. 

In the same year, model Anja Rubik showed us what a hipster she is at the Met Ball.

Eva is semi-observing the modesty 'tits or thigh-slit' rule, but then ruins it by accidentally slashing her dress to the waist. Gosh darn it.

Halle went modern day Gone With The Wind here, but instead of following Scarlett's lead and ripping down nice curtains from which to fashion a dress, she used some tiny ones, from a particularly cheap B&B. Better luck next time so.

This is less Little Mermaid and more creature of the deep, no matter how nice Heidi Klum's legs look.

Myself and Iggy's gynecologist concur that it's definitely time she got herself in for her next smear test.

J Lo is queen of the strangely-manufactured guna and oddly-placed gam, as this dress-leg combo shows.

Exhibit #2.

Soz babes, I know you think you're mad grown up, but you're naught but a child yet, and showing off your hipbones is just not cool, or klassy. The end.

Listen, it's two whisps of satin held together with string, hair serum and poshness and yet Rosie makes it look effin' fabulous.