Last week myself and Kirstie (AKA Frillseeker’s editor/style maven/ handbag addict and makeup enthusiast) were working on a photo shoot together and we got to talking about products, as you do.

With 12 years experience working in the industry it’s safe to say I’ve had more excuses than most to try out what’s on offer in the beauty markets today, so here’s a little round up of what’s always in my kit bag – and most importantly, why: 

  1. Bobbi Brown cream eye shadows: Easy to blend, and with no chance of fallout underneath eyes, Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadows are undoubtedly one of my favourite products; especially when you don’t have the luxury of working in a studio environment and have to do makeup retouching in the back of a car/forest/beach etc.
  2. Make Up For Ever Cake Eyeliner: A bit fiddly this might be, but one of the reasons I love it is because you can control the finish depending on how much water or sealant you use to dilute it, meaning it can range from a soft grey right up to a solid black. 
  3. Mac Mineralise Powders; The semi-matte finish these give leave skin with a subtle glow that looks beautiful in person as well on camera. That makes them particularly good when moving between photo shoots and filming work. 
  4. Japonesque Lipstick palette: Organisation is key when it comes to any makeup artist kit bag, so as much as it pains me to destroy beautiful lipsticks, it does make life easier to have them in easy access palettes!
  5. La Roche-Posay Micellar Cleanser: Suitable for any skin type this three-in-one product leaves skin clean and refreshed without any residue, so makeup goes on smoothly straight away.
  6. MUJI Cotton Buds: These have a finer tip than most cotton buds which means it’s quicker to correct mistakes, create sharp lines and do general fixing. 
  7. Baby Wipes: A staple in any make-up artist’s kit! I use them to clean palettes, my hands, surfaces I’m working on, you name it! My favourite ones are from Tesco’s Baby Loves range. 
  8. Ben Nye Media Pro Concealer Palette: High pigment and a range of colours that will work on any skin tone to correct and conceal – what’s not to love? This wouldn’t be for everyone, but for a makeup artist it’s a definite must have. 
  9. Catrice Brow Kit: Cheap and cheerful, this little kit from Catrice is such a gem and is always in my kit bag.

​Do you love any of these products too? Let us know below.