THIS, people, is Mac’s big autumn launch and as one of the annual two eight week collections, it’s a real seasonal pillar for the brand. A Novel Romance is all about kitsch, vaudeville fun according to the visuals, but actually, it’s pretty much business when it comes down to the very, very extensive product offer.

mac a novel romance

This is a 41 piece collection, (including three brushes), and is all about vampy autumnal shades as well as some fun brights. Oh, and those visuals.

mac a novel romance collection

mac a novel romance collection

But what really marks A Novel Romance out is the fact that, casual as you like, Mac has snuck two brand new product categories in. They are Fluidline eye pencils, €19, the brand’s gel-pen twist up offer to rival Benefit and Maybelline’s versions (but really, not quite the same thing), and Electric Cool eye shadow, €20. This has a malleable, soft cream shadow texture that seems to be precisely what the Big Bounce shadow of a few years ago promised, and didn’t deliver. This seems to, so, phew.

We’ll also see six nail lacquers, €10, six lipsticks, €19.50, five Lipglasses, €18.50, Haute and Naughty too black lash, €23.50, two Powder blushes, €23, and three shadow quads, €40. Everything, barring the Fluidline eye pencils and nail shades, which go into the permanent line, are limited.

I’ve got five pieces from this 4th September-launching collection, so let’s take a look.

Mac electric cool eyeshadow in superwatt

Look! Bouncy! This is Electric Cool Eye Shadow in Superwatt, €20, and yes, it does feel slightly cooling, and it has a very dense, but yielding texture. Swatch is below.

mac fluidline eyeliner

Here’s one of the seven permanent Fluidline Eye Pencils, €19. These twist up, so no paring and mess. I’m trialling this ‘un now.

mac a novel romance collection a novel romance quad

mac a novel romance collection a novel romance quad

mac a novel romance collection a novel romance quad

This is one of three shadow quads: it’s €40, it’s called A Novel Romance, and shall we just gaze at it for a bit?

Yep. Beauty.

Absolute must-have piece. It’s got a mix of pearl, frost, matte and velvet textures and wowee zowee, basically.

mac a novel romance lip products

I’m less keen on these, but I think Lipglass in Pure Fiction, €18.50, and Lipstick in Lingering Kiss, €19.50, aren’t the nicest colours in the range at all. There are reds, pale pinks and nudes as well as those strong berries, so have a gander on counter.

So, you want swatches?

mac a novel romance swatches for a novel romance quad

Swatch of Electric Cool shadow in Megwatt; A Novel Romance quad.

mac swatches from a novel romance

Fuidline eye liner in blacklit, Lipstick in Lingering Kiss and Lipglass in Pure Fiction.

Liking the look of anything?