In case you were suspected that your ear cuff was looking a bit hackneyed, here’s confirmation: it is. Ear’s what’s big news in aural adornments now: ear crawlers, bitches.

Um, functionally speaking like, what’s the ruddy difference? Well, not much an ear cuff attaches onto the outer part of the ear using clips or clamps, but a crawler will pin into the ear, using your piercing, and then reverse back out and up the ear, as opposed to hanging down like a normal earring would. Uh…

Confused? They can also have clamps up the top to keep them in place, like that Nasty Gal comet feller, €15, above.

Chapman Jewelry Hammered Wave Ear Pin

This is the purist version, and it’s really very pretty. Chapman Jewelry Hammered Wave Ear Pin, €28, from Freepeople, is a delicate take. Generally ear crawlers come singly, but these come as a duo.

forever 21 ear crawler

And if you just don’t wanna invest in the trend then you don’t have to: Forever 21‘s Opulent earring set is a snip at €2.45, and includes a plain-ish stud for your other ear. Decent lads.

So, do tell. Is it EXACTLY THE SAME THING or different enough for you to warrant a try?