If you’re under the age of about 30, this is one Mac collection you might be a bit non-plussed by, but there was a stage in the 1980s when Brooke Shields was as well known – and almost as notorious – as the current brow icon she’s inspired, Cara Delevingne. 

Infamous for her role in The Blue Lagoon, (a film basically about some castaway teenagers going at it on a desert island), her raunchy Calvin Klein ads plus her string of romances with everyone from Andre Agassi, John Travolta and John F. Kennedy Jr, she was absolutely the IT girl of her generation.

So: Mac icon collection status is therefore bestowed upon her at the age of 49. And hers is a nice-looking collection as well: Veluxe Pearl quints, a 15-pan palette and Estee Lauder-style nail lacquers feature, plus there’s a unique packaging design in orange and grey for her products.

WWD has all the details, but there’ll be some interesting bits and bobs like a Cremeblend Blush Duo​ plus, of course, some brow products. Launch will be October and if I get some products, I’ll duly swatch. In the meantime, click through the gallery to acquaint yourself with Brooke Shields if she’s a hazy memory for you, and for a look at some of what’s to come.

Brooke, now.

Those brows, huh?

The Mac icon collection, via WWD. There's one more product shot further up too.

Nothing came between Brooke and her Calvins.

A still from The Blue Lagoon.

From The Blue Lagoon.

More brows.

And a much prettier pic, via Vogue.