I see you NYC, and I raise you Essence

I may have mentioned a time or 45 that liquid lipstick is my favourite formula for lip products. I blimmin’ adore it: the opacity, the ease of application, the applicator, the finish and the dense, often quite shiny finish. Crucially, it’s not gloss, which is often so disappointing in pay-off terms, and that’s another massive point in its favour.

NYC, on the other hand, doesn’t find the same favour with me. This is such an up and down brand and on one hand that’s fine; it’s very cheap. What exactly do I expect from a brand where nothing’s more than a fiver? Well, not a huge amount, but I see you NYC, and I raise you Essence, so there is that.

NYC expert last liquid lipstick

That said, when NYC does something good, I’m very happy to sing it. The coral blush stick is excellent and I use mine all the time.

These, the new NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer in six shades at €3.49 each, look set to follow in the BB Blush’s, er, cheeksteps.

I’ll totally admit though, that when they rolled out of their padded envelope, I thought they were gloss (boooorr-hhiiiiing) and wasn’t even gonna try. So glad I looked twice, because these are thick, shiny, liquid lipsticks that you’ll like if opacity and coverage are a must.

NYC expert last liquid lipstick swatches

Chelsea Cherry Blossoms; Madison Square Mauve; Lincoln Square Love Affair; Big City Berry; FiFi Fuchsia; Rockaway Ruby.

I’ve tried on Lincoln Square Love Affair and Rockaway Ruby so far (they landed yesterday) and can say that there’s a difference between payoff between shades if the two sampled are representative, and there’s also a noticeable, candy-sweet scent off them too, which isn’t very nice to my nose.

I’ll likely overlook that for the shades – Rockaway Ruby in particular swipes on incredibly well and I’m looking forward to giving FiFi Fuchsia a go shortly too.

So, for €3.49, I can’t comment on longevity and wear time right now but they’ve gotta be worth a punt, eh? Find out for yourself on September 14th when they launch. Willya?