While I’ve yet to try these with my human lips, on pixel paper Chanel’s October 3rd-launching Rouge Allure Gloss sounds like it might be a replacement for the much-lamented Rouge Allure Gloss (remember Dragon? MmmMMm).

chanel rouge allure gloss visual

Here’s what they’re saying: “A gloss that acts like a lipstick. It is released with one push and reveals itself in a click. Like a lipstick, it seduces with the power of its luminous and intense shades.”

Hey! OK!

chanel rouge allure gloss lineup

NIne shades in total will launch with a wider collection that will include some lipstick and nail shades. They’re above (not in order!) are colours are Affriolant, Sensible, Extase, Suprême, Séduction, Pirate, Distinction, Exotique, plus one limited edition shade, Audace.

Price’ll be €32.50, and will you be buying?