Back in June, Jane Cunningham, aka British Beauty Blogger, announced something incredibly exciting: a collaboration on a beauty collection with M&S. She sneak-peeked some of the visuals and swatches from the collection, and for us in Ireland, official info’s starting to drop.

british beauty blogger for M&S

Put October 19th in your diary and Google map the Dublin Liffey Valley and Mary Street stores, cos that’s where these’ll be sold. Prices are good and the collection includes an Eye and Cheek Palette, €19, Lip Colour Trio, €20 (above), Bronzer, €20, Nail Polish Collection, €19 (top), Eye Pencil Collection, €19, as well as a cosmetic bag for €16.

I’m lucky enough to know Jane, so dropped her a couple of questions on the range.

On a scale of 1-to-10, how exciting was it to develop your own makeup line?

Well… er… 10! The fact that it’s a limited edition line is more than perfect for me – I have never wanted my own brand, so this is such an ideal opportunity to do the creative, and understand how a makeup line happens without having to worry about it forever!

british beauty blogger for M&S

What were you envisaging when you were developing the range? What did you want as an end result?

I always wanted to create something very different for Marks & Spencer which is why I immediately called on illustrator, Nuno da Costa, who illustrates both my sites. Everything about his aesthetic appeals to me. He’s also delightful and bought me Smarties. I wanted the range to be completely wearable, with some pops of colour – we forget that some women feel great trepidation with makeup and creating an easy-to-wear palette of shades that allows for some experimentation was always key. I wanted the end result to be a) different from anything anyone had seen before, design-wise, and b) a fool proof range with room for creativity.

If people were to buy one thing, what should it be?

I’m happy with all of it, I must admit, but I think the best seller will be the Eyeliner Range (above). 

And there you have it. Excited about the collection?