This pairs just beautifully with MOAR GLOW

The Estee Lauder summer collection is one I look forward to every single year. It’s always sumptuous, perfect for holidays and packed full of glamorous bits and bobs that look as gorgeous on your dressing table as they do on your face. 

Now, I don’t actually have a dressing table – but owning really beautiful makeup leads me to believe I might, someday, along with a pair of those furry high-heeled slippers and maybe a walk-in wardrobe or two. Well, a girl can dream. 

estee lauder summer bronzing

When I read Frillseeker’s first look on this year’s collection,  it was the eyeshadow palette that gave me The Serious Want.  But rather unexpectedly, I fell for the Luminous Liquid Bronzer, €36.50, instead. 

This was actually a shock to the system. I don’t really do bronzers, and I certainly don’t do bronzers plus shimmer. And this, right here, is a tube of pearlescent, shimmering bronze fluid. But somehow, it works. 

It’s subtle, y’see, and it’s easy, and it gives such a lift to the face. I use a brush to apply just a little, and it blends out beautifully to leave a sheer and golden glow. 

A luminous glow ain’t just for summer

Not too pale or too deep, this is one that will be good on most skintones – if you’re darker,  it will act more like a highlighter, but on pale to medium skintones, it gives a pretty, sunkissed sheen. 

no7 bronzing stick

And you know what this pairs just beautifully with? MOAR GLOW. The new No7 Instant Radiance crayon is one of the nicest highlighters I’ve seen – and definitely the best for this pricepoint (it’s €12.95). A dab or two on the cheekbones – I have the bronzing one, but it’s more like pale gold on my skin – is ideal with this Lauder lovely. 

Radiant, flattering and foolproof to apply, this perfect pairing is a double-whammy against dull, tired, hungover skin (er, so I’ve heard). 

emma wearing bronzer

And a luminous glow ain’t just for summer, either – as we edge into Autumn/Winter, it becomes tougher than ever to brighten up the skin. This combo will be gracing my cheeks for many months to come.