Often talked about in relation to the fact she’s a model, actress, bessie of Cara Delevingne and slightly inexplicable girlfriend of Bradley Cooper (srsly, he is way too old and uncool for you, chick), one of the things that really makes 22-year-old Suki Waterhouse unique is her abso-bloody-loutley amazing hair.

That is stuff of legends: huge, pillowy tresses that behave and can be styled any which way, I’m kinda mesmerised by how awesome her barnet is. And then there’s that fringe. If I try to grow a fringe my hair obliges by immediately cows-licking itself into oblivion, showing the entirety of my forehead to the world. 

So, I admire Suki’s amazing fringe and wish, today, to pay it homage. Here are 13 times it looked bloody brilliant, so you can too.