Ask Twitter (follow us @frillseeker) what it considers to be old-hat accessory-style and you get some pretty funny answers. “Litas,” screamed one follower, while another demanded that YSL Tribute shoes were gick almighty. More were offended by Michael Kors… everything… and others wanted to see an end to Peru Two-stylee buns. 

So, with a lot of help, we’ve complied a list of the 15 accessory cliches to avoid. Now, don’t go shooting the messenger: if you want to (and you do) wear all or any of these pieces then that’s obviously grand. Wear what you like, of course; just know that it’s far more fun to define your own preferences than always want to go with the flow; that’s the essence of developing true style.

Got a fave you love to loathe in here or think we’ve named something unfairly? Drop a comment!

Their fab shape, ease of wear and the fact they look good with, well, everything, made Acne's Pistol boots a classic from launch. But they've been copied and adulterated so much at this point that they're definitely ready for Room 101, and we're moving on.

Jangly, annoying and imbued with hippy dippy mumbo-jumbo for the #inspo generation, Alex + Ani's charm bracelets found huge favour in fashion blogger circles thanks to clever PR gifting tactics. Which presumably meant everyone overlooked the fact they're not much more than brass and wire and clack like crazy. Hmm.

They're cold, they let the rain in and you never know which socks to wear with 'em. Shag away off, cut out boots, says @hkiveat.

More Chanel; this time couture. It's ruined beauty, a bit Black Swan and a little dressing up box, which means it's perfect for Halloween, eh?

Popularised by a drug mule and her mate, yeah. No. No to Peru Two buns.

Beloved of chicas who desperately want to be heroin chic but who are probably scared stiff of a Bacardi Breezer, these godawful golf club-alike boots were massive a couple of years ago and while their clumpy influence has waned, they haven't totally gone away. Yet.

Where do we begin? Michael Kors, so beloved for his jet-set aesthetic, is a very clever man. Where bags by designers like Miu Miu and Chloe will easily set you back at least a grand, he's smartly kept his pricepoint in the €200-€300 bracket, meaning he appeals to 'everywoman'. She's that girl who wants designer, but doesn't really want to save for months for Mulberry, and a couple of hundred quid is a good tradeoff. His styling borrows from everyone from Valentino to Vuitton, but it's the very ubiquity of the brand that makes it such a massive turn-off for a lot of people. If you don't mind seeing 45 MK bags at every turn then hey - more power to you, but it cheapens its appeal overall.

At one point, every fashion blogger in the known universe had to have one of these; a Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch. Why, I wondered. Why? I still don't know. Answers on a postcard or in a comment, I guess.

About five years ago these were the shit, when you could only buy 'em as originals on eBay or in really good vintage shops. Now that they're copied all over, forget about it.

These things are horrible. Horrible.

There's something really beautiful about old-school charm bracelets. The heft and clink of the chain bracelet and its safety catch, plus the way the chain takes new life when a charm is added; usually around an important life event. They're seriously glamorous too - if your mum or granny had one you'll remember how elegant they looked with their fascinating charms dangling from the bracelet and how they caught the light. Pandora, with its anodyne, sanitised presentation and rip-off prices? Nah, it just ain't in the same ballpark.


We've Kate Middleton to thank/not thank for these beige horrors. Down with the L.K. Bennett Sledge, people!

Very, very WAG: the YSL Tribute shoe.

Rosemary's tackled this one before and we're over the YSL Arty Ring because it's just so very, very copied.