Let me just set the scene here by telling you that earlier this week, I was firmly convinced I had Ebola. Well, y’know, I’d been on a plane, I couldn’t get out of bed for two days and my god, did I feel ill.

Anyway, turned out it was just a cold. Which, needless to say, was a relief, but it did leave me and my skin looking pretty wan and tired. So when this L’Oreal Paris newbie, Infallible 24H Foundation, €13.99, dropped, I thought it surely couldn’t hurt to give it an auld whirl.

Turns out this is the one product I’ve used recently that has elicited genuine reactions from co-workers. Now, maybe it was the utter shockin’ schtate of my un-adorned visage on Wednesday that made them react so positively to the fact I’d made an effort yesterday, but at least four people complimented me on this makeup.

I was sent shade 120 Vanilla, which is one of eight, and the second palest. It pulls a bit yellow but I’m finding I don’t mind that the way I used to, so it’s perfect. It’s also extremely coverage-y, while maintaining a glowy finish. I’m sorry; I can’t show you my cold-ridden face, I have cracked nostrils and lined eyes; it would be awful for you. Make do with my hand instead. It came out of the whole affair far better.

L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Foundation swatch

One pump people, one pump; this is all you need. I, going by the rules of water/BB/lightweight base, pumped out two, and couldn’t use them up, and still got tons of cover. 

This isn’t a full review; please take that into account. It’s based on one day’s wear and a day in which my skin is very very dry and has a lot of scaly patches from all the nose-blowing I’ve been doing. It did cling to dry areas; but nowhere near as badly as I’d thought, and it lasted well elsewhere which I’d expect given the 24 hour claim.

It also feels very comfortable, even on my currently parched skin, and still managed to look pretty fresh after a day in an office, blowing my nose, rubbing By Terry Baume de Rose all over my nose (what? I’m glamorous, SRSLY), every 20 minutes. 

I’ll be using this on the regular for more in-depth investigations, but what you guys need to know right now, that this one is looking prertttty, prettttty prertttttty good indeed.