Your tent’s in there somewhere, swearsies.

You know what’s the shagging worst thing ever about being at a festival? Being absolutely gee-eyed in the pitch black, staggering about, absolutely clueless as to where you pitched your tent. 

This might help: it’s TentFinder, it’s an ios app that’s available on iTunes for 89c and it’ll do that pesky job for you. OMGHOW? Here’s how: you pin the location of your tent onto the app’s map and then when you’re ready to head back to your temporary, uncomfortable home, you ask it to guide you there, using the magic of GPS.

All kinds of genius really, and far better than, “Turn left after the portaloos and then we’re 45 tents past the loud guys with the Mayo flag. I think…”

Are you heading Laois-wards this weekend, and will you give it a go?