The most-anticipated of Ireland’s many festivals, Electric Picnic is this weekend and once again, its end of August placement means we’re playing Russian Roulette with the weather.

The last days of summer in Ireland can go two ways: frigid or balmy, and it looks like this weekend is going to dish up a dose of the former. Soz for your loz if you’re going (I’m not; I had Jabberwocky on my dance card festival-wise this year, and then ATP cancelled it, sigh) so if you are, then I reckon you better look at packing at least three of these to get you through.

1. Rain Poncho (top)

Yes, you’ll look like an absolute clown. But you’ll be dry, so who cares? This stylin’ item can be snapped up from Argos for a mere €6.99. Hurry!

ohyo bottle

2. Collapsible water bottle

When I were a nipper at a festival, there’s no way I would have drunk any water. Hahah how foolish! Clearly, I was the quare eejit and so I recommend bringing a squeezy water receptacle, like the Ohyo accordian bottle, €6.49 at Boots. It can handle 500ml and can be refilled at the fresh water taps about the place, saving you the price of bottled water. Which you can then spend on more beer. And Pieminster.


3. Socks. Lots of socks

I’m working on the assumption that you’re bringing wellies (you’re bringing wellies aren’t you?), but you’re gonna need about 45 pairs more socks than you think you’ll need. Think like Shirley Valentine, here, really. “Socks for breakfast, socks for for dinner, and socks for supper. Have you never heard of it? It’s called the S plan diet.” Just buy some more socks. Socks, €4, Dunnes.

toilet roll

4. Jacks roll

All that water, beer and Pieminster’s gonna CLEAR YOU OUT, girlfriend. I recommend a soft, multi-ply roll. Kinder, like.

smartphone charger

5. A portable phone charger

Smartphones are great, except for when they are completely rubbish, like when you really need them and they’re at 2%. This is why you’ll be needing to bring something like the Xtra Power Charger, about €20, which you’ll pick up at Tesco or electrical shops. It plugs into your phone to give you an extra shot of juice, and just might save your skin. And help you find your tent, to boot.

bluetooth speaker

6. Bluetooth speakers

What’s camping without tunes, huh? HUH? Make sure you have item #5 before you attempt to use the Akai mini bluetooth speaker, €19, from Harvey Norman, though, eh?

Got another one to add? Do it below!