Very much first impressions on this, y’hear? Clarins True Radiance SPF15 Foundation is the newest base out of the blocks for this brand, which has been upping its game on a sharp gradient in recent years.

There are already a number of foundations to tackle dry, ageing and sebum-prone skin, and going on the fluid (liquidy but not as runny as a water base) finish and dewy result of this, I’d say it’s really mostly pitched at a dry skintype or one that’s at the cusp of the ageing process. But cos they’ve thrown a long-wear claim in as well, those pesky buggers, it’ll probably do you very nicely indeed if you’re normal-skinned or have a wee bit of oil.

Clarins True Radiance SPF15 Foundation

Eight shades, if I’m not mistaken, and I’ve got to confirm price, but as it’s £27 in the UK, I’m guessing it’ll fall into line with the rest of the brand’s base products and come in at about €30 here.

There are some interesting ingredients in here, like oats (Claude, yes! Claude, called them eauts, and I had no idea what he meant until I saw it written down, and then went, stupidly, OH OOOOAAAATS. Poor Claude) and tarragon and Samphire. Sort of like putting dinner on your face – but nicer.

Anyway, I’m getting one to test and I shall of course let you know how I fare.