I made an absolute balls of it. Now my bad brow is my good brow

Like most women, I have a good brow and a bad brow. The good brow is fuller and has a nicer natural arch – or it was, until I had a little too much time on my hands. Time that was spent examining myself in the mirror – as you do – and deciding that the tail of my brow was too skinny, the front part too full. So I went at ‘em – and then some. 

Needless to say, I made an absolute balls of it. Now my bad brow is my good brow, and my good brow is a patchy shadow of its shapely, former self. My right brow looks like a tadpole. 

Worse yet, I’ve lost half an hour’s sleep in the morning, as I struggle to fill in the gaps. 

eye brow kit products

The first step – penciling in hairs, to mimic my natural arch – is quite frustrating. The Laura Mercier brow pencil, €24 – a panic buy when Space NK sold out of Kevyn Aucoin’s perfect product – isn’t quite up to the task. 

I like the colour (Rich Brunette, a neutral brown), the waxy formula and the in-built spoolie, but the nib is just too thick for precision work. To draw on individual brow hairs, you need a super skinny tip. 

clarins brow kit

I have better success with the revamped Clarins Pro Kit, which launched with the Autumn collection. For €41 you get three brow powders, a wax, a pink eyeshadow and three handy little tools (above). In reality, I only ever use the darkest brow shade – the tools are too delicate for my big, clumsy hands in the mornings – but I love this wee kit all the same.

Once I’ve powdered on top of the pencil, a new issue arises: things start to look flat and unnatural. The answer, of course, is more product – specifically, a brow gel or mascara, which coats and thickens the hairs so they come out of hiding. Maybelline’s Brow Drama, €7.49, is a favourite – the spherical brush gives me greater control, so I don’t end up gelling my forehead. 


It’s a lot of effort just to get them looking… less wrong. From now on, I’ll be living my life by these words: Regular. Monthly. Appointments.