Been into the new Brown Thomas Dublin beauty hall yet? It’s a thing of joy for a cosmetics fan. Now in the space formerly taken by the luxury hall, the old beauty space on the right hand side of the ground floor will soon join up into the recently revamped handbag space to form a front-to-back accessory offer that will be a place it will be dangerous to ever let me into, I predict. 

So, Brown Thomas has just done an incredible number on itself; it’s en route to being even better, and Charlotte Tilbury has finally dropped. The counter is a beauty and what you can buy is glamourously gorgeous. 

We’ve had a very good look through Charlotte’s offer already, back when I met her in April, and I gave you the downlow on the Magic Cream fairly recently. But I’ve been working my way through some of the other products the brand’s selling at BT, and here are four I think are very definitely worthy of your cash. 

charlotte tilbury rock chick shadow palette

This is the Luxury Palette in Rock Chick, €50. Pricey, yes, but let’s consider the fact the sterling price is £38, and we can relax. This is a very decent conversion, so props to the brand for that. Consider also that Charlotte Tilbury was instrumental in developing the Tom Ford brand, and you’re getting something incredibly similar for less money.

These are so very alike TF’s quads in conception, from the soft glitter shimmer to the beautiful textures and payoff, yet somehow it seems they’re a 2.0 version. Charlotte’s learned as she’s gone on, making this absolutely one to pick up.

You can buy this solo or buy it as part of the whole Rock Chick look: to make beauty shopping easier, there are looks created around various girls; each comes with shadow, lipstick and blush, etc. Buy this way, or pick and choose. 

K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks are a lippy lovers dream. Opaque in one swipe; satin-finished and comfortable on the lips, not to mention that packaging, this range is more or less aimed at nude lovers in the main, but these shades, Love Bite and Velvet Underground, €30 each, are beautiful.

charlotte tilbury eye pencils

More eye products to covet: The Rock ‘N’ Kohl pencils are basically settable gel (and boy, do they set) that are excellent and come in a variety of shades at €25 a pop; well worth a punt. The Feline Flick pen liner, €29, is also very good. I was never a fan of this sort of liner, finding them often wishy-washy, but this belies that experience.

I also recommend the Colour Morphing Shadow Pencils, which are bloody genius, and I’d bought myself when the counter first opened in Selfridges. 

charlotte tilbury swatches

And swatches of everything mentioned: Rock ‘N’ Kohl liners, Feline Flick, K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks and the Rock Chic palette.

Refined, pigment-packed, elegant and thoughtful: that’s this line in a nutshell. Will you be buying?