D’you remember waaaaay back in the mists of time – or the 2012 Grammys, either/or – Adele wore red polish on the back of her gel tipped manicure and the world went ape?

Seems like forever ago, and Louboutin manis, as the trend was tagged, were all the rage for about 15 minutes, before we moved on, fickle-style, to something new ‘n’ different.

adele's louboutin manicure

Adele and her Loubs

Well, the Louboutin mani’s back, but in a new guise, thus proving that fashion and beauty trends truly are cyclical beasts that are on an ever decreasing cycle and thusly are probably devouring themselves and we totally deserve Normcore.


Pic: @wepickoficial

This time, though, it’s all about bling on those backs. Singer Ciara was first out of the traps with jewelled embellishments added behind her tips, which you can see in the top pic. She lead, others are starting to copy, like these sparkly beauts above. Working a little on the principle of a mullet – business up front and a party at the back – you can go super-conservative with your basic mani, and bring the fun behind the scenes.

But, you know, will you be arsed? Is this one gonna stick or is it another passing fad like 2012’s foray? Lemme know what you think below.