There’s nothing more heart-soothing than a browse through Paperchase (oh, okay, a bottle of NZ Sauv’s pretty good too), but if you’re open to the siren call of stationery, then you’ll appreciate the curve and form of a paperclip, understand the precise itch a Moleskin journal can scratch and you get high just looking at highlighters.

Banish the back-to-school blues with this gallery, so – and hey, even if you’re so long out of education you can barely remember it in the first place, you can still enjoy the thrill inherent in cracking the spine on a brand new notebook, eh?


Keep your place in all those boring-as college books with this Sprout bookmark, €6.25, by Suck UK.

More Suck UK goodness: cable buddies keep your stuff tidy, and if you're house sharing, make it easy to work out what's what, too. €6.25, here.

A bunny who is actually masquerading as a pair of scissors and who is holding a carrot which doubles up as a paper clip holder? I MIGHT DIE OF THE CUTE. £22, Maiden.

I am SO getting these. Just Sayin' postits, $3.99, Modcloth.

O RLY? YS RLY you can buy this owl organiser from Modcloth for $9.99.

SQUEE: Forest deer paperclip holder, £12.99, The Oak Room.

Green blossom paperclip holder, £9.99, The Oak Room. (I'm not obsessed with paperclips, swearsies)

Make yer mark with this cute wooden stamp, £3.95, from Peanut and Pip.

Wood-print folder, €1, Tiger.

Memo pads set, €1, Tiger.

Ok, I'm cheating a bit. This is a lunchbag, and it's €2 from Penneys.

And again, more sneaky cheatin'. But look at this pretty Yumbox, €35.95, available at Mira Mira. I defy you to ever need another lunchbox, ever.

I would very much like a Miss Piggy journal if I was in school-slash-college. VERY MUCH. £7.99, Maiden.

Why, how stylish. Cowhide Mousemat, £28, Mineheart.

For your inner geek, recycled circuit board-covered notebooks, of course. £8.50, Here and Far.

The classic: Moleskine soft coloured notebook, €11.90.

So cute! These Muji mini highlighters are around €4.