The Hermes Birkin, the Givenchy Antigona, Chanel’s classic quilted flap bags, Marc Jacobs’ Stam, the Fendi Baguette, Phillip Lim’s Pashli, the Chloe Paddington, Balenciaga’s City bag: these are all bags that have been seen on the arms of ‘slebs and civilians alike, and Mulberry’s had its own fair share of ITs in the past with the Bayswater, the Alexa and the Del Rey. 

But the brand’s got a sleeper hit on its hands in the Lily, and it’s probably all to do with its easy to wear shape (and, the cynic in me thinks, its gifting policy). Sling it as a cross-body or double up the chain and tote it as a shoulder bag, this is a staple piece that’s versatile because it can be dressed up or down. It’s very simple too, which is appealing. 

And it’s got a ton of super-cool fans; this really is the bag of choice for the hip chick about town. Don’t believe me? Check the gallery for evidence, and the downlow on the Lily to boot.

Get Alexa to like your bag? Sell it out; job done.
Cara's been spotted with a Lily, which of course makes sense, seeings as how she has a line with the brand, 'n' that.
Dita Von Teese uses hers as a dress-down item for festival wear. Well, excuse us.
Singer Eliza Doolittle's got a cute quilted versh.
Blogger, model, all round style influencer Haneli Mustaparta's got one. Let the stampede begin.

New Doctor Who sidekick Jenna Louise Coleman's version is a sweet shade.

Of course Kate Bosworth has a limited edition hippy-luxe one. OF COURSE she does.
Liking Lily Collins' studs.
Ah cheer up, Noomi Rapace. That's several hundred euro worth of leather you're scowling at, wha?

And the bag itself; available in several shades and often also in limited edition colour and textureways, this size, the smallest they do, is €800 - and coincidentally this is the cheapest price too, all the other colours are dearer. Gulp.