Under Nicolas Ghesquière, Balenciaga’s fragrances were playful, design-led creations that saw Flora and Rosabotanica bloom into being, along with their signature packaging designs. I love both; so what would Wang do?

Well, under Alexander Wang’s direction, the aesthetic’s changing. Bottles look like they’ll be altogether more iconic in design – though this is just a mock up of what will land in October (price to follow), but I’m assured a faithful one – and what’s inside is a bit of a departure too.

I think B, Wang’s first Balenciaga juice, manages to stay within the same family as Flora and Rosa to some extent, in that it’s a delicious, full, edible scent. Where they’re floral, it’s quite green and peachy, even though peach isn’t noted as an ingredient; so it’s got a bit of sweetness without being saccharine. What I did spot was a top note of Edamame beans, of all things. There’s also Lily of the Valley, violet leaf and some woods in the base.

I’ve only had a schniff on a blotter so far, so I can’t say if this’ll wear well on my skin, but I can absolutely say I’d wear it in a heartbeat. It’s lovely.

Is this one you’re looking forward to?