Sarah mentioned this yesterday in her blusher roundup and it’s been getting a lot of love from me too, so I felt that it deserved a post of its own. Here you go.

There’s something so OTT about this newbie launch from Benefit, which is available now. Majorette Booster Blush not only boasts super-cute, oversized packaging, it also boasts an inflated, Benefit-esque price-point we’ve come to expect of €33.50.

I didn’t pay for this as it was a press sample, but when I write about products, I generally want to make sure they’re a decent price for a) the brand they’re from and b) the job they do, because YOU’RE paying for them. So I find justifying Benefit’s prices hard to swallow on occasion. This is expensive for a blusher in this market sector, no matter how beautifully they’ve dickied it up.

benefit majorette blusher

that priming effect is really just a happy by-product of the fact it’s a creamy formula

I get that Benefit is owned by LVMH. I understand that it sits in beauty halls alongside luxury brands. I know all this; but Benefit isn’t Tom Ford, Chanel, Lancome or Laura Mercier; its customers are buying Urban Decay and Mac and those brands don’t have half the price-based notions it has.

But look, that aside, it’s the only grump I have with this. Cos I’ve been slapping it all over my face for weeks, and I really, really like it. You might too, if you’re a bit over the boxed powders and liquid tints Benefit’s so well known for; this is a soft cream-to-powder in a very flattering shade that’s just very nice on the skin. It’s especially kind to drier, mature skins, FYI.

benefit majorette blusher

I used it first. SOZ BBZ

They say it can be worn solo or as a booster for another blusher, to amp its effects, but I think that priming effect is really just a happy by-product of the fact it’s a creamy formula. Any cream blush will do the same job, really.

Benefit majorette swatch

That said, this is beautiful whether applied with a brush (my preferred method) or fingers, and it imparts a light, but buildable flush that’s natural-looking because it’s not powdery and also because the shade works so well across skintones.

Oh, and did I mention that there’s a truly fab scent off this? Not that it’s in any way necessary or that it matters, but this smells fruity and peachy, and is altogether the icing on the cake. Yum.

Have you tried? Willya?