Yes, I will be trying that coat, over there on the right, when it hits Warehouse round about November time. Ok, it will probably make me look like Bet Lynch, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Yes, yes she can.

So can you, cos we snapped some more deadly stuff at the store’s press morning this week, all of which will be heading into a Warehouse near you, very soon indeed. Oh, goody.

A take on the Celine three pocket bag, fo sho.
How Edie Parker is this? Ans=very, which means it will be mine. Oh yes.
More Edie Parker-alikeness.
Sweet metallic and colour-block pouches.
I'd like all of this, thanks.
Cute flats!
A perspex and metal, deco-inspired statement.
I'd like all of this, thanks.