Yesterday we’d a look at the press shots for the latest launch from Bobbi Brown, New Smokey Nudes; it’s on counter now. 

Setting it apart from every other nudey launch the brand has done is really packaging: Bobbi’s nude palettes are often quite interchangeable, though this one is very nice.

If you’re of the school of Urban Decay Naked neutrals you’ll likely be nonplussed by this, but it’s a different offering for a different kind of woman. A gal who maybe wants a more subtle approach and doesn’t quite see her makeup as a tattoo. So these shadows tend to be less payoff-heavy and more about a barely-there approach to beauty. It’s good daytime stuff, this.

You can see the outer casings above, with their smoked tortoiseshell finish; now let’s check out what’s inside the two limited edition items from the collection.

Bobbi brown new smokey nudes - smokey nude palette

The Smokey Nudes palette, €58, is double-stacked, with a pull out bottom layer that slides underneath so it can be closed. There’s a mirror included and gratifyingly, Bobbi Brown is possibly the only brand I can think of that doesn’t include crap brushes with its palettes. You sometimes get a decent brush in the long palettes, but with one like this, there’s no space wasted on spongey rubbish.

Shades on the press release don’t go in order of the colours, so I can’t accurately tell you the exact shade names as they appear in then pans, I’m afraid, but there’s a mix of textures across metallic, matt and sparkle.

Bobbi brown new smokey nudes - smokey nude palette swatches

And swatches; top row on the left; bottom row on the right. You can see the top layer’s probably pitched for day, while the bottom’s bringing the party.

Bobbi brown new smokey nudes - shimmer brick

The Shimmer Brick in Sandstone is €42.50, is a product from the brand I’ve never really gotten to grips with. It’s one of Bobbi Brown’s most popular offerings and one of its best known too, but I find them very shimmery.

 Bobbi brown new smokey nudes - shimmer brick closeup

Here it is in close-up; you can use these shades solo or swirl on a brush. If you’re a fan, this is a very pretty one.

Bobbi brown new smokey nudes - shimmer brick swatches

And here’re the swatches.

So, that’s the two LEs from this collection; one you’re gonna take a swing by the counter for?