I’m whelmed until that perfect purple product casts its spell and suddenly, I’m its bitch

As Cara Delevingne proved at the GQ Man of The Year Awards this week, if there’s one autumn beauty trend we can’t escape, it’s berry tones. Shagging berry tones. Berry is, of course, just a fancy way of saying purplish – and purple’s not a colour that really floats my boat. 

So every year I’m whelmed – until, mid eye-roll, that perfect purple product casts its spell and suddenly, I’m its bitch. 

I compulsively used the Smashbox Be Legendary lippy in Black Cherry last autumn. For weeks on end, Sally Hansen’s Cherry Cherry Bang Bang was never off my nails. Bobbi Brown’s Berry blush was another obsession, and at various times I’ve been enslaved to one or the other of Chanel’s deep berry polishes. 

This year, I lost my heart to YSL. The brand’s Rouge Pur Couture The Mats, €33, are gorgeous: the formula is superb, and if I didn’t have commitment issues, Orange Imagine would be my all-time favourite red. They saturate the lips with velvet, opaque colour but aren’t hard on the lips. 

cara delevingne at the Burberry GQ men of the year awards

Emma, er we mean Cara, at the GQ Awards.

One of four new shades from the autumn collection, #207, Rose Perfecto, is described as ‘fresh-faced pink’ – but trust me: it’s berry. A soft and pinkish berry, sure, but berry. It’s also very wearable and flattering, and garners lots of compliments, which – vain hussy that I am – is probably why it’s now my favourite thing. 

Do you get suckered into seasonal trends? (yes – Kirstie)