Soz but you’re probably dead inside if a) you don’t find Mindy Kaling totally deadly and b) don’t fancy at LEAST one of the hot doctors on The Mindy Project.

In New Mindy News, it turns out she looks rather spiffing in a red lip too, so if you’re (still, after this AM’s L’Oreal Paris post) harboring notions that you can only wear red if you’re pale and interesting, then let this gallery disabuse you of that idea, with the quickness. 

What’s your fave red? Lemme know below!

Cara proves red works even when she's breaking all those 'rules' by working it with heavy eye makeup too.
Red hair? Don't care, cos Emma doesn't, and it looks great.
Eva Mendes proves you don't have to it in full-on super saturation if you don't want; choose a sheer, glossy finish instead.
Jessica Chastain proves red lips and simple makeup are absolutely perfect. P.S: redhead.
Kirsten Dunst shows that you do not, in fact, have to have a full mouth to rock a red.
Lupita Nyong'o proves that if you're black, you can carry off the most vibrant shade there is - and wear it with blue shadow, no less.
Marion Cotillard proves that sometimes, the old-school looks work the best.
Mindy Kaling shows that there's nothing funny about wearing red lippy. Unless you're a freakin' comedy genius!
Olivia Munn's matte pout and minimal makeup illustrates just how much of a wardrobe staple this colour can be.
The new-gen queen of the super-done lip, Olivia Palermo proves that red's a fashion girl staple too.
Rihanna proves that it's never a bad idea to go back to a classic, especially when you've been wearing green and blue in the press.
Rosario Dawson's latina complexion carries off pillar box puce perfectly.
Sandra Bullock proves that adding a hint of shine makes it look that bit girlier.
Thandie Newton knows that her sharply defined, brick red lip echoes her straight as a knife locks to perfection.
Zoe Saldana proves that just a little matte shadow, a perfected base and that colour-pop pout are all she needs.
Lena Dunham proves that when you change your hair colour, it suddenly allows new lipstick shades you never before thought possible.
Taylor Swift knows that red's her classic fail-safe shade, and she's rarely without it.