Loving your work, Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley: the two British designers are helming the effort at Marc by Marc Jacobs these days and okay, while I might not be carrying a plastic handbag come spring (but do not hold me to that cos hey, you never know, yannow?) I do admire the newfound creativity on the catwalk from the brand.

Marc by Marc Jacobs ss15 bags

Pic: @MarcJacobsIntl

Marc by Marc Jacobs ss15 bags

Marc by Marc Jacobs ss15 shoes

Pic: instagram.com/flofloarnold / Oh, and shoes’ll be PVCtastic too, by the looks of things.

It’s youthful, which it should be, and it’s a lot of fun (it’s also super, duper copyable by every single highstreet brand ever). Bravo!

Marc by Marc Jacobs ss15 hair

Pic: Instagram.com/minkenk

So, even if I don’t actually want to wear any of this stuff; now. Talk to me in a few months time, hey?