When I’m famous and interviewed in one of those December-only features about movies that have affected me, I’ll cite The Bling Ring as one of the most significant. Not because I thought it was especially incredible – although the soundtrack really is – but because it really made me think about which famous people I’d like to rob.

Obviously, if you’re going for clothes you have to pick someone who’s the same size as you – and in terms of famous people, that really narrows my options. Accessories, of course, would be a far easier proposition – but then, you’d want to avoid celebrities, who seem obsessed with Hermes and other fairly boring and stuffy labels, and go straight for the good stuff: the fashion bloggers.

So here are some women whose homes I’d quite like to burgle. (I know, I’m all class.)

Alana Ruas

Stylist Alana Ruas lives in Rio de Janeiro, but her personal style is geographically indefinable - she's rock one day, hippy the next, off-beat vintage the next... I, personally, love a sense of style that keeps you guessing, and her accessories are always 100% on the money.

Pic credits: alanaruas.com

The Little Magpie

Scottish Amy Spencer is only a nipper, at an envy-inducing 22, but she's sartorially wise beyond her years. Her accessories edit, highly high-street focused, is a great one to emulate - even if her penchant for platform shoes is a little stomach-churning. Her statement necklaces are fairly deadly, too. 

Pic credits: thelittlemagpie.com

Mayo Wo

Based in Hong Kong, Mayo Wo is one of those bitches bloggers who seems to have money to burn - although she chooses to put it, instead, into her wardrobe, resulting in a serious arsenal of Valentino, Miu Miu and Charlotte Olympia pieces. Jealous, moi?

Pic credits: mellowmayo.com

Tina Sizonova

Ukrainian fashion blogger Tina Sizonova does a great line in hats, sunglasses and killer necklaces, all of which I could do with owning more of (although I suspect that her cranium absolutely pales in comparison with mine where size is concerned). I'm also quite partial to her disregard for bra etiquette and her love of pattern-clashing.

Pic credits: tina-sblog.blogspot.ie

The Color Blocker 

Beijing-born Tracy Wang aka the Color Blocker lives in Manhattan, where her love of colour finds a happy and willing backdrop in the city's architecture. But really, no one's looking past Tracy's mish-mash of colour and texture - or that oh-so-kooky sunglasses collection. 

Pic credits: www.tr8cii.com