dakota fanning and anna wintour at fashion week

“Seriously? This? No.”

anna wintour


anna wintour and david beckham at fashion week

“Maybe… in a short while, I will grant an audience.”

anna wintour and sarah jessica parker at fashion week

“Absolutely, definitely, do not Lean In.”

anna wintour and rachel mcadams

“Put this in your Notebook, darling: Denied.”

Anna wintour on the frow

“Never, ever look me directly in the eyes.”

anna wintour

“I am in hell.”

anna wintour


anna wintour and nicki minaj


anna wintour

“Who can I fire?”

anna wintour and  grace coddington

“Oh god, all right. I suppose you can talk to me. A little.”

*Note, Anna’s probably just concentrating on the show in most cases; though if she chooses to not speak to no-mark slebs then hey, more power to her, wha?