Watch out for the next LE from Catrice, which’ll be hitting stands in October and will be hanging out on ’em until November-time. It’s pretty: one of the cutest and the most wearable for a while.

Metallure is a 13-strong edit that’s gonna take in products for eyes, lips, face and nails. One of the strongest offers is the trio of Metallic Marbled eye shadows, I reckon. Metalight, Metalfusion and Metalicious each combine varying metallic tones and are €3.99 a pop.

catrice metallure mascara topper

I’m slightly confused by this; a topper and a liner? At €4.49, I guess it’s not gonna be too much of a stretch to find out whether it works well for both – which, apparently it can thanks to a duo applicator. Black gunk has a silver shimmer, right in time for partayy season.

catrice metallure bronzing powder

Just one face product in the form of the Luminizing Bronzer, €5.49, in Shimmer Shade, represents.

catrice metallure lipsticks

And there are four prettily-packaged lipsticks. If you close your eyes and squint, you could alllllmost pretend these were Charlotte Tilbury, huh? No. Oh, okay, but at €4.49 each we won’t complain. Shades are Metalight, Alluring Pink, Alluring Red.

catrice metallure ulitmate nail lacquer

Lastly, and of course, there are nail lacquers. €2.99 is the barg-tastic price and shades are all metallics. Alluring Red, Alluring Pink, Metallight, Metallicious and Metalfusion are your choices.

So, you like?