Here’re my criteria for a decent, daytime leather bag by a minor designer name (usually), which I’m in the market for around about every 18 months, to two years.

  • Can’t cost more than €500 or so. (Who has cash for €1,000 handbags? WHO!?)
  • Has to have structure – can’t be doing with slouchy stuff.
  • Must have a couple of means of carrying: strap or handle, for example.
  • I’ve gotta be able to get my laptop in there (12″ Macbook) and a lot of other crap. I carry a lot of crap. 
  • Has to last until I can once again afford to replace it.
  • Preferably someone else buys it for me.

So, the last time I needed a new bag, last November, my Pauric Sweeney wasn’t even remotely on its last legs but I was sick of it. I’d been lugging it about for a couple of years and it’d served me very welll; but it was time for a change. 

sophie hulme soft flap bag

The catalyst for a newbie came when I got a new job. And new jobs equal treats to self, so I did. This Sophie Hulme soft flap bag was what I went for, after eyeing it up in BT2 for several weeks. It’s simple, so that box was ticked. It’s got a good shape, again, check point. It absolutely fits my laptop – and also my camera and iPad and purse and 45 tissues and 11eventy lipsticks, so that’s all good.

It can be worn cross body or carried by the handle, it’s nice soft – but not too soft – leather and it clips closed snugly at the front. Okay, so there’s only one pocket inside and I’d prefer a couple for ease of finding things in a hurry, but I’m happy with everything else on this.

sophie hulme soft flap bag

My bag bug was a River Island press gift and ERMAGHERD I love it. All Sophie Hulme bags come with a charm – mine’s a whistle. Handy.

It’s got nice hardware that’s great quality and which isn’t pulling on the leather at all, and no visible or ostentatious logos. Perf.

sophie hulme soft flap bag

Here’s how the front clasp looks – you slot the leather flap through the metal bar and hey presto: closed.

I paid €525 for mine (If memory serves correctly) last November, and I’m not very surprised to see that My Wardrobe is currently selling it for €621. That’s almost €100 more than I paid less than a year ago – but this is unfortunately typical of how luxury bags (and shoes) rocket in price, I’ve noticed. And I can’t get a price comparison for BT2, because it’s stopped selling the brand. Gah!

Over €600 is a lot to pay, but yes, I would recommend this bag if you’re in the market for a newbie, have a few quid saved, like a sleek, satchel style and want a piece of Sophie Hulme in your life.