I’ve got so many pots and vari-sized tubes of this stuff stashed in bags, cupboards and in the bathroom that it’ll take a half-life of, well, me to use them all up. That’s completely by-the-by, because GOLD PACKAGING!

On October 1st, three new limited life lovelies will launch (enough Ls for ya?), all of which are enough to get my blood up, even though what’s inside is the same as always. But I love it: Eight Hour’s 84-year-old blend of barrier petroleum and hydrating lanolin (plus some other bits ‘n’ bobs) work together in the winter really well for things like chapped lips, which is what I like it the most for.

The two LEs on offer for 2014’s trip around the beauty block are Gold Collection Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, €22.50, and a Lip Protectant, €22.50. Pot for me, please.

eight hour cream limited edition gold set

This one, the Gold Collection Set is €38 and is exclusive to Debenhams, so look for it there. You gonna indulge?