Shrimps is the so hip it hurts faux fur brand

Heard about Shrimps yet? It’s the so-hip-it-hurts faux fur brand from the UK that’s got all the fashion eds in a tizzy, thanks to cool colourways, cute clutches and brilliant bag charms in loud shades and slim silhouettes – all with serious fashion cred.

Course, when Alexa chooses to carry a piece of your brand, that’s pretty much its notoriety signed, sealed, and delivered, so Hannah Weiland, Shrimps’ 24-year-old designer, must be pretty damn happy right about now.

shrimps bags coat and scarf

Here’s a sample of the offer from Shrimps’ website. Clockwise from top left we’ve got:

  • Mabel coat, £595
  • Daisy clutch, £185
  • Ivana scarf, £175
  • Lenny bag charm, £50
  • Pablo bag, £185

Nope, it is not cheap. But if you want a piece (Oh my kingdom for a coat), buy it now because in its second season out of the traps, Shrimps is only going to get pricier. Mark my words on that.